August 1st, 7:30 - 2 pm

Check-in at the Lake Owyhee State Park welcome sign (43.627199, -117.233602)


This will not be a group gathering. In your own vehicle and passengers, drive along Lake Owyhee Rd. through the park and adjacent areas to pick up litter. A [masked] coordinator will be posted at check-in to ask you to sign a waiver, give you supplies, and other directions about the event. Garbage bags can be dropped near the Park Ranger shop and park staff will remove it at the end of the day. 


Bring plenty of water for you and your passengers, proper clothing for the weather (probably quite warm) and terrain (shoes or boots instead of open-toe), trash bags, and gloves. Make sure you leave town with a full tank of gas (or fill up in Nyssa, Owyhee Junction, or Homedale) and know where you are going. Though we are physically distancing, please also bring your regular personal protection equipment (mask).


Lake Owyhee State Park is always a fun place for Treasure Valley families to enjoy fishing, boating, and water sports. This spring and summer have seen especially high use and more garbage has collected on roadsides and lakeside. 

Cant make it? We understand! Please monitor our Facebook and website for more upcoming opportunities! All our events are outside and we maintain physical distancing procedures (six feet minimum), only meeting in groups of under 10-individuals in one place.   

Please email sammyc@owyheefriends.org for questions!

After party fun?

The Owyhee Paddle Co. has paddleboard and kayak rentals for use on the lake! 

Clean-up participants will receive a discounted rental for the afternoon of the event!

Join us for a physically-distanced Clean-up at Lake Owyhee State Park 


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