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© 2019 - Friends of the Owyhee

Mission and Vision

Friends of the Owyhee exists to promote conservation advocacy, stewardship, and recreation in the Owyhee region.

We  work collaboratively with conservation and recreation groups, landowners, ranchers, tribes, sportsman, and government agencies to help ensure the Owyhee unique ecological, cultural and recreational resources are protected for future generations to experience and enjoy.


Tim Davis, Executive Director

Timothy Davis's roots run deep in Malheur County, Born In Nyssa Oregon and going to Adrain School District K-12 Tim has seen the landscape from many perspectives. First as a child who got to appreciate and learn from the Owyhee's wildness. Then as a rangeland firefighter. Now as father and the Executive Director of Friends of the Owyhee. 


For the last 10 years, Tim has been a Correctional Officer for the Oregon Department of Corrections at SRCI in Malheur County. Tim sits on the Southeastern Oregon Recreation Advisory Council (SEORAC) and is a member of the Friends Grassroots Network thru Conservation Lands Foundation.


Tim is most at home around a campfire or driving a desert road. Or rummaging through local historical archives, exploring historical sites, and any research related to the Owyhee. Tim cares deeply about seeing the Owyhee cared for future generations. 


It's not about the moment, it's about the future.

Board of Directors

Friends of the Owyhee is led by an all volunteer, all local Board of Directors.


Dozens of volunteers make the work of Friends of the Owyhee possible every month, season, and year. Join Us!