Friends of the Owyhee is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. Your generous gift supports our trips, our upcoming youth program, and many conservation activities in the region that would go otherwise unserved. 

  • Since 2015, we’ve led over 40 trips into the Owyhee with a focus on appreciation and respect for this beautiful place and we have already made quite a positive impact in this beautiful landscape! 

    • We have combated the invasion of Scottish Thistle in Succor Creek State Park for several years now. Looking up into the hills of Succor Creek during your spring campout - you are now more likely to see blooms rather than invasive weeds. 

    • We have pulled trash out of high traffic areas. 

    • We have consulted with scientists and experts doing research in the area. 

    • We have facilitated youth trips, sometimes for their very first time, out into “unplugged” nature. 

  • And it’s only the beginning. Every dollar donated stays in the local area in service to conservation efforts in the Owyhee and will allow for new trips and programs to form. Donate today to help Friends of the Owyhee grow our youth program, engage and involve the local community, and work to sustain and protect one of the wildest, rugged spaces in the United States. 

Caring for the Owyhee

Tread lightly and carry a big camera is what we like to say out here...

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Donations via check are gratefully accepted at

Friends of the Owyhee, PO Box 96, Ontario, Oregon 97914

Our EIN is 83-2527575

Thank you!

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