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Why Donate to FOTO?

When you donate to Friends of the Owyhee, you not only support our mission to conservation advocacy in the Owyhee Region, but you also become part of a community of Owyhee-enthusiasts that realize how important and unique our local public lands are. We are stronger when we coordinate our combined efforts toward a common goal. Becoming a member of the FOTO community directly assists a local grassroots non-profit organization in spreading the joy of outdoor recreation in our community while inspiring a life-long relationship with conservation and stewardship for natural spaces.

Generous donations from our sponsors have already facilitated incredible work in our community. With your support, we will have the capacity to expand our reach and efforts by sustaining and growing our programs, providing useful content, and much more. Below, you can read more about what our top successes of 2022 were. 

In 2022, we connected more than 1,100 people to the Owyhee and logged nearly 500 volunteer hours on public lands. None of that work could have been possible without you. We did that by: 

  • Completing a total of 9 stewardship projects and maintained our adopt agreements, including Adopt-A-Park, Adopt-A-Highway, and Adopt-A-River

  • Diversifying our online webinar series to include presentations on stargazing, bighorn sheep ecology, botany, geology, and recreation

  • Continuing our partnerships with local organizations like the Ontario Recreation District and EUVALCREE 

  • Designing and led Outdoor School programs for Ontario and Nyssa School Districts

  • Advocating for and achieving the renaming of Sq___ Butte in Owyhee County to Puhitempi Kuaikatete

  • Advocating for and achieving the reintroduction of the Malheur Community Empowerment for the Owyhee Act (S.4860)

  • Leading 42 trips on the landscape between campouts, hikes, geology field trips, and more

Our Top Successes of 2022


We give back to our generous donors by offering benefits for each level of giving. For those that are unable to give monetarily, our non-paid membership option is a great alternative—it centers on contributing time and energy to FOTO by writing blog posts, attending stewardship events, and/or advocating for the Owyhee in your area. Of course, we encourage all members to participate in these ways, too! If you need a hand, get in touch with us on how to do that.

ODT 2018 Sarah Doyle (60).jpeg

Owyhee Hiker

For a donation between $1 and $99, each Owyhee Hiker will receive:

  • 15% off one order of FOTO merchandise

  • 1 trip deposit waiver (excluding fully catered trips)

ODT 2018 Sarah Doyle (16).jpeg

Owyhee Adventurer

For a donation between $100 and $499, each Owyhee Adventurer will receive:

  • 25% off one order of FOTO merchandise

  • 2 trip deposit waivers (excluding fully catered trips)

ODT 2018 Becky Reed (70).heic

Owyhee Champion

For a donation of $500 and up, each Owyhee Champion will receive:

  • 50% off one order of FOTO merchandise.

  • Trip deposit waivers for any trip they sign up for (excluding fully catered trips)

ODT 2018 Sarah Doyle (29).jpeg

Owyhee Steward

For those that wish to be FOTO members but are not able to contribute financially to our organization, we encourage you to provide us with at least one blog post and attend at least one stewardship event during 2022. If you are interested in this option but do not live in our area, we look forward to chatting with you about other advocacy possibilities.

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