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When: May 21-23, 2021​

Where: Slocum Creek Campground in Leslie Gulch

Price: $50 per parent/student team

Questions?: Get in touch with Sammy.


Why participate in a youth science camp?

Time in the outdoors is special and has a physiologic effect on our bodies, particularly mental health. Some data collection and scientific discussion can provide a perfect objection to enjoying these benefits. Especially since the onset of the pandemic, our communities children are craving contact with like-age people and fresh air. Youth science camp is a great way to get out of the house and into the great outdoors for some introductory science and fun family time. 

What to bring

  • Camping gear: tent, sleeping bags and pads, cook stove and gas, trash bag, hand washing tub, soap, hand sanitizer

  • Bring plenty of water (at least 5 gallons)

  • Proper clothing for the weather—probably quite warm during day but close to freezing at night

  • Proper footwear—shoes or boots instead of open-toe

  • Full tank of gas (you can fill up in Nyssa, Owyhee Junction, or Homedale)

  • A map for navigation (if you need one, just ask!)

  • Personal protection equipment (masks, hand sanitizer, etc.), though we will be social distancing

Schedule (subject to change)

  • Friday, May 21

  • Saturday, May 22

    • 9AM: Sammy takes students to observe, hypothesize, and collect data in the field​

    • 5PM: return to basecamp​​

    • 7PM: data analysis session (approximately 1 hour)

  • Sunday, May 23​

    • 9AM: pack up camp​

    • 10:30AM: head to Succor Creek State Natural Area for activity (approximately 1 hour)

    • 12PM: head home


We will make a point to collect garbage at sites, along road, and pack-in / pack-out. 


We are following COVID transmission restrictions closely. Parents will support their child (or children) in this weekend trip by providing the base camp and is responsibly for all food consumed. We have some camping gear if you are in need. Students will camp with their parents, but will Friends of the Owyhee will provide science and adventure! 

Cant make it? We understand! Please monitor our Facebook and website for more upcoming opportunities. You can also check out our other educational youth opportunities: Nature Explorers with the Ontario Recreation DistrictLive-Action Role Playing game -- Family Oriented and Independent (TBA)

Google Map Directions

From Ontario

Join us for a physically distanced youth science camp! 

Spring Owyhee Science Field Camp


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