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Last Tuesday of the month, 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Upcoming: September 29th and October 27th 

Use this link to register at Eventbrite

Email for questions.


Basic map and compass skills are crucial for spending time over an hour away from city services, but this skill can be hard to acquire. That is why we are offering courses in basic navigation to help you feel more confident in the Wilderness. 


Meet at designated Ontario City park, or occasionally Lower Owyhee Canyon, for a 90 min led-activity and two exercises to try on your own. The course will cover: 

  • compass and map theory

  • using a compass (both cardinal, quadrant and azimuth directions)

  • orienting yourself without a compass and tips for not getting lost

  • using any map

  • introduction to topographic maps

  • using your pace

  • exercises to hone your skills 


  • a compass 

  • plenty of water

  • Proper clothing / proper footwear

  • we will provide maps, clipboards, and writing utensils, but you are welcome to bring maps you have or use already 

  • Though we are physically distancing, please also bring your regular personal protection equipment (mask).


We will make a point to collect garbage at sites, along road, and pack-in / pack-out. 



Time in the outdoors is special and has a physiologic effect on our bodies, particularly mental health. However, if you are worried about getting lost or where to go, the experience can be incredibly draining. It is important to feel confident with navigation before venturing too far away from a main road. 

Cant make it? We understand! Please monitor our Facebook and website for more upcoming opportunities!

Please email for questions!

We also offer two other educational opportunities:

Nature Explorers with the Ontario Recreation District

Live-Action Role Playing game -- Family Oriented and Independent (TBA, October)

Join us an introductory Orienteering Class! 


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