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Map Packet

Download the Map Packet to navigate each of the 5 Journeys. 

Click here to use this file can be used with Google Earth to view

the Journey on a computer or device with the app installed. 

Submit a Release of Liability Waiver

Download, sign, and send to

Share your progress

You can share pictures via your personal Facebook

(use #OwyheeFriends and #OwyheeQuest)

Please also send your pictures and experience to Friends of the

Owyhee using this form. In upcoming newsletters (sign-up here),

we will showcase some of the brave and smart Owyhee Hereos

pursuing the Quest. 

Need Help from a fellow Owyhee Hero? 

You are welcome to contact the Game Master, Sambacus the Cloven Foot of the Castonguay Clan, for questions.

Have you completed all 5 Journeys? 

Email proof of play (pictures at all 5 locations) to Game Master Sambacus to arrange a time to pick up your:  

  • 11x17 Owyhee Canyon Dragon poster (for coloring) or 28 x 40 Wall Poster

  • Recognition in our newsletter (optional)

  • Local discounts -- Owyhee Paddle Co. and Rock Store Grill

Wait, there is MORE!?!?

Yes! Quest 2 (Lake Owyhee State Park) and 3 (Succor Creek State Natural Area) will be available in Spring 2021.

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Friends of the Owyhee content! 

Be Prepared! 

The desert can be a dangerous place, beyond the Role-playing! Please see our Plan a Trip page for desert hiking / camping tips and tricks. Here are a few high recommendations:

  • Plenty of water (5 gal in vehicle, each pack at least 1 liter)

  • Proper clothing for the weather

  • Proper footwear--shoes or boots instead of open-toe

  • Leave town with a full tank of gas (or fill up in Ontario, Nyssa, Owyhee Junction, or Homedale) and let someone else know where you are going and when you intend to return


We will make a point to collect garbage at sites, along road, and pack-in / pack-out. This Quest involves such stewardship activities. 



Time in the outdoors is special and has a physiologic effect on our bodies, particularly mental health. Fantasy and Role-Playing come natural to children and is most often expressed by playing video games (in our modern world, anyway). This activity is designed to make fun in the outdoors, indulge in fantasy, and connect parents and children. Especially since the onset of the pandemic, our communities children are craving educational fun and fresh air.

Seems Intimidating? We understand! Please contact us to discuss your concerns. The hikes begin as low-impact and give your family time to build your stamina. The routes are not ADHA accessible, unfortunately, modifications can be made for anyone!

Please email for questions!

Need more Navigation Training? We did too! Using maps, compass, keeping all the directions straight .... practice makes perfect! Friends of the Owyhee offers introductory orienteering courses the last Tuesday of the month, from 5:30 - 6:30 in Ontario, OR. Visit this page for details!

We also offer two other Youth Educational opportunities:

Nature Explorers with the Ontario Recreation District

Owyhee Science Field Camp

Google Map Directions

From Ontario

You have Joined the Quest, Owyhee Hero!

The Owyhee Canyon Dragon has these materials to give you!


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Quest 1 KMZ example.JPG
role playing.jpg
Science camp jpeg.JPG

Pictures and Videos to help with your Journeys

Journey 1:



This picture shows the Owyhee Dam behind the pickup, and Neva is in front of the 'Dragons Claw' feature. The box is hidden behind the boulder, labeled 'X' in the picture. 

Journey 2:

These clips show the end of the route, the way up to the cave, and walking into the cave to find the box.

Journey 3:


These clips will help you navigate into and through the Scorpion Chasm. 

Journey 4:

This video illuminates the location of the box. 

Journey 5:

J5 path.png

From the road and the rock outcropping, follow this route. 

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