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Educational Outdoor Activities for Youth

OwYHEE: Outdoors with Youth Hands-on Earth Education

There is so much to learn about the incredible natural world that surrounds us. When you learn young to appreciate it from a young age, you get to spend your whole life enjoying and respecting the outdoors. That’s why we are so excited to offer educational outdoor programs for kids! Our community’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, and teaching them about applied sciences like geology and biology can open many doors for them. We believe in letting kids be free to express their creativity and explore their interests, especially while enjoying the outdoors.

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Owyhee Science Field Camp

$40 per student-parent team • Ages 8+ • Spring & fall sessions

Owyhee Science Field Camp is a chance for kids ages 8 and up to get out into the Owyhee and get a camping experience while learning about the Owyhee’s fascinating geology.


This is a parent-supported opportunity, so parents and guardians will provide the camp and meals, and Friends of the Owyhee will provide the science education. If you are interested but need help with tuition, transport, or camping gear, please get in touch with us!

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Owyhee Family Camp - square.png

Owyhee Family Camp

$40 per student-parent team • Ages 8+ • Spring & fall sessions

Spending time in the great outdoors is an incredible experience at any age, especially when you have the chance to share that experience with loved ones. Owyhee Family Camp is designed for parents or guardians (including grandparents!) to enjoy the Owyhee with their favorite young campers. We will offer fun, family-friendly activities, like campfire storytelling, scavenger hunts, and more!

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Outdoor School

Curriculum design & implementation • Teacher training • Site coordination

We are huge proponents of outdoor school! There is nothing like learning about the outside world while being out in it. Oregon Outdoor School is a legislative-supported program that aims to provide ALL Oregonian students in 5th and 6th grades with an outdoor school experience.

In 2021, we designed a curriculum and coordinated an outdoor school experience for students and teachers in the Nyssa and Ontario School Districts. Lessons focused on water chemistry, stream shape, geomorphology, plant/animal species, ecology, and even map and compass use! And in 2022, we did it all over again. We're proud to partner with our local school districts to provide this invaluable opportunity to our community.

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